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PANCARD CLUBS LIMITED is a part of PANORAMIC GROUP OF COMPANIES having business interest & activities in the fields of Hotel Industry, Resorts, Clubs, Information Technology & Travel Tourism.

Registered and Corporate Office:
111-113, Kaliandas Udyoug Bhavan,
Near Century Bazaar, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 025

About Company:

1. Time-Share Based Company.

2. Registered with R.O.C. Act 1956. CIN No. U91900MH1997PCL105363.

3. Commencement of Business Certificate issued by ROC dated 31st January 1997.

4. Certificate of Incorporation Dated 24th January 1997.

5. Past Collaboration with “CDAC”

6. Group is a member of NASSCOM & CII.

7. Tie-up with IRDA registered Insurance companies to provide free insurance coverage.

8. Asset Based Group. Hotels, Motels, Clubs, Resorts and Cottages.

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